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PanjiCraft - more info

Tech stuff- How to use machines


To use all machines you need power.
For which you need to use something called as Generator.
Crafting recipe :

6x Iron Ingots
2x Redstone Blocks


Batteries are used to store power there are three tiers of them.
Crafting recipe :

2x Iron blocks
1x Redstone block

Replace iron block by gold, diamond for other two tiers

battery bank

Like batteries, Batboxes are used to store power
Crafting recipe :

8x Iron blocks
1x Redstone block
Remember, Only Iron blocks!

Charging station

They allow u to charge battiers
Crafting recipe :

3x iron ingots
1x dropper
2x redstone block

Electric Furnance

Allows you to cook food using industrial power!
Crafting recipe :

4x redstone block, 4x iron block 1x furnace
More stuff coming up soon|! stay patient!